Mary-Pat Soukup is the co-founder and Director at Kaleidoscope School.  She fills the roles of  teacher-mentor-and-support, general classroom support, administrator, janitor, office manager, sub, and all-around friend and resource to teachers, kids, and parents.  Mary-Pat has a masters degree in child development from Wheelock College.  She started Kaleidoscope School in 1996 with Robin Anex in the basement of her mother’s house in Magnolia.   Mary-Pat’s background includes teaching, directing, and teacher training in a variety of settings.  She was raised as the only girl in a family with 6 brothers here in Magnolia.  She currently  lives with her wife (Terri), and two dogs (Bubbles and Cail) in the Ravenna neighborhood, and recently helped her grown daughter (Aaliyah) move into her first apartment.

Nicki Stein has been teaching at Kaleidoscope since 2018. She is currently teaching the Distance Learning program. Nicki was born and raised in Seattle, and now lives in Magnolia with her husband (Chris), and her two kiddos (Mason and Maggie—both Kaleidoscope School graduates!), and her dog (Cooper).


Shawna Rouse 
teaches the Downstairs Red Class (3s), and the Downstairs Purple Class (Pre-K). Shawna has grown up in Seattle and completed the Elementary MIT program at the University of Washington. As a teenager, she tutored a neighbor’s foster daughter for two years and that experience sparked a desire to teach and work with children. Shawna believes in the power of positive relationships to foster learning and seeks to know and support each child in a way that is “just right” for them. Her favorite place to be at Kaleidoscope is creating in the art area – she is continually amazed at what can be built using only boxes, tape and imagination! Currently, Shawna lives in Shoreline with one roommate, two fish and approximately 15 houseplants! In her free time, she enjoys crafting, photography, bird watching and long walks (or any combination of those).

Jen Davis–
teaches the distance-learning program this year. Jen was born and raised in Washington and currently lives in Kirkland with her husband (Don), daughter (Anya) and dog (Strawberry).  She has had several different paths through her life (administrative assistant, accounting, roofing and waterproofing inspector and clinic registrar at Bastyr University) but nothing  that has fulfilled her as much as spending time with children.  “I have had the privilege of being a stay at home mom for the last 17 years.  When my daughter “graduated” from elementary school I wasn’t quite ready to leave  myself, so I became a certified MonArt teacher and have been teaching art at her former school for the last six years.  I have loved all stages and ages of my daughters development (except for the learning to drive part) but as I get further along on my parenting path I realize the preschool age has taken a firm hold on me.  In my time at Kaleidoscope Preschool, I’ve been re-opened to the magical world of these little beings and I am grateful how the entire community of children and teachers have welcomed me.”  Jen is also a student in the Early Childhood Education program at UW.

Bonnie Berg
— teaches the Downstairs Red Class (Preschool) and the Downstairs Purple Class (Pre-K). Bonnie grew up in Magnolia and she and her husband, Rob, live in Magnolia. They have three adult children. Bonnie graduated from the University of WA in psychology and elementary education. She taught 3rd grade and K-3 before taking a break to be home with children. She taught preschool at Creative Arts Preschool in Magnolia for  22 years before joining us at Kaleidoscope School in 2018. She appreciates spending time with children and loves to see their wonder and interest in the world around them. She enjoys facilitating their friendships and helping them grow socially and emotionally. She is very happy to be part of Kaleidoscope School!

Riley Soukup teaches the Kindergarten Class and the Upstairs Purple Class (Pre-K).img_0558
Riley is an alumni of Kaleidoscope School!  Since she graduated from the Pre-K Class in 1999, she went on to eventually earn her teaching certificate from Gonzaga University.  She worked as a nanny, a camp counselor, a teacher at Illumination Station, and a Behavioral Specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital before coming back to her roots, at Kaleidoscope School.  We are delighted , and very lucky, to have Riley’s sunny, warm, calm, and loving presence at Kaleidoscope School!

img_9911-1Emma Hayes  Emma teaches the Upstairs Blue Class (Early Preschool), the Upstairs Red Class (Preschool), and the Upstairs Purple Class (Pre-K). She was born and raised in Seattle. She graduated from the Magnolia Co-Op, Catherine Blaine K-8, Ballard High, then the University of Washington. At the University of Washington, she majored in Philosophy. She realized how much she enjoys teaching during an internship at the Center for Philosophy for Children, a program that brings philosophy to pre-college classrooms as young as Kindergarten. She started giving private guitar lessons to students of various ages in the spring of 2019. She has taught at Kaleidoscope since October 2019.


Alayna Collins Folkers teaches the upstairs early preschool blue class (2s). Alayna recently relocated from central Nebraska to Seattle to continue her education in clinical psychology at Antioch University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Nebraska and spent a gap year as a special education paraeducator in her community preschool. She had no idea how much she would learn from her preschool students, and how much she would miss those wonderful relationships that each child brought her! She is very passionate about early social-emotional development and passing on her love for learning. Alayna lives with her husband (Dylan) in Magnolia and spends her free time jogging, exploring nature, playing piano, and enjoying the Seattle scenery. She is so excited to be welcomed on board to the Kaleidoscope team!

Aaliyah Soukup-Stone is the assistant teacher in the Kindergarten Class, and also leads the After School Program.  Aaliyah is an alumni of Kaleidoscope School!  After graduation from the PreK Class in 2006, Aaliyah went on to graduate from Nathan Hale HS in Seattle, and has started the Early Childhood Education Program at North Seattle College.  She has several years of experience as a nanny, camp counselor, and children’s voice teacher, as well as leading the After School Program at Kaleidoscope School last year. We are delighted to have her high-energy, loving, fun personality on our staff at Kaleidoscope School.

Marilee Gossard “I am so excited to be part of the Kaleidescape family.  I have been a toddler teacher for 25+ years.  It is my passion.   I am a hiker,, a reader and a gardener.  I am happiest if I can be outside enjoying nature.”

Julia Hollingsworth teaches the Upstairs Blue Class (Early Preschool), the Upstairs Red Class (Preschool), and the Upstairs Purple Class (Pre-K). She was born and raised in Texas and graduated with a Bachelors degree in English at a small private university near home. She has worked as a lifeguard, a nanny, a traveling art instructor, and a 4th and 5th grade English teacher. When she moved to Seattle in early 2020 she started working as an infant teacher and discovered her love for early childhood education. During her free time she loves baking, watching movies, and taking long walks with her husband and her dog.