Kaleidoscope Alums Changing the World!

img_6847Hey Kaleidoscope Community—we want to tell you what 4 of our alums—Annika, Kate, Douglas and Maggie are doing today:

These friends, who met at Kaleidoscope and are now in the same kindergarten class together, set up a hot chocolate stand. All proceeds go to buying books for their classroom that tell stories about people with diverse backgrounds and abilities. This is completely something they came up with on their own inspired by some lessons they had been learning in class.
One of their mom’s sent us the photo, saying “I wanted to share it because (you) really planted a lot of the seeds in them in preschool about the importance for diversity and hearing people’s stories.”

We ♥️ these kiddos!

Kaleidoscope School is expanding…Watch Us Grow!!

Kaleidoscope School has exciting news to share! We have found a larger space in the Magnolia Village, and we will be moving soon, and growing a bit!
The new space is at 3312 W. Lynn St, one block from our current location.
We’ll have two classroom spaces, so we’ll be able to have two classes for each age group running simultaneously.
We’re starting a new 2s class and a new 3s class in mid January—-contact us for more information!564150-533-05