At Kaleidoscope School, We Make Room for Everyone To Play.

Our Values

At Kaleidoscope School, We Make Room for Everyone To Play.


*We BELIEVE in the power of positive relationships to foster learning.

*We SEEK to support each child in a way that is “just right” for them.

*We EMPHASIZE problem solving tools and social/emotional guidance to support children in feeling successful socially.

*We ALLOW space for children to independently explore, create, and work through challenges.

*We OBSERVE children’s needs and interests, and use them to guide learning.

*We SUPPORT each child in learning to love learning.

Our Philosophy


*We believe that learning happens in the context of a RELATIONSHIP, and prioritize creating close, positive relationships with each child and family.

*We invite a sense of WONDER and IMAGINATION each day.

*We see children as VALUABLE guides in teaching us what they need and how they learn best.

Our Curriculum


Kaleidoscope School uses a relationship and play based curriculum called Emergent Curriculum. Emergent curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and way of planning that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. This philosophy prioritizes active participation, relationship building, flexible and adaptable methods, inquiry, and play-based learning. Curriculum is child-initiated, collaborative and responsive to the children’s needs. The keys to the success of this Emergent Curriculum are 1) knowing each child and family very well, and 2) a solid understanding of child development.